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About Startupian

It's all things Start-up

When I had started out, I had to go an imense amount of trouble to get anything done. The night after nights of studying, learning, inability to find a backer, the whole thing was a nightmare. Though after spending 5 years in the start-up world I have realized somethings;

1: You should never start out without any money. It can be as low as 2000 bucks, but it's important that you have it.
2. Always have at least 6 months of runway, things are gonna get delayed.
3. Don't hire a marketing guy until you have some funding.
4. More interns, less co-founders.
5. Protect your equity for as long as you can.
6. Don't rush into a partnership, always research.
7. Don't take money from a jerk.
8.  Bootstrap for as long as you can.
9. Never offer equity to a part-timer. Pay them, trust me.
10. Get a lot of mentors, not people who can raise you funds but people who has a lot of experience in the industry you are working on.
11. When prototyping, focus on making it look  good.
12. Always raise seed with a verified MVP,  if necessary.
13. Writing things is more important then you ever realized.
14. Try to get a patent or research paper built in within your product.