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Why Should You Get An Intern 

As a founder, you are supposed to come up with the vision, your companies mission, set up a team culture, improve products, business model, expand customer segment, pitch to investors, keep investors and  people involved informed with new developments, network, organize/attend meetings and so  many other things. Lets assume you are the jack of all trades, but lets do a quick calculation. How many hours a day you can work and did you noticed we had left out some important segments of a comanies duty, such as designing the entire operation including customer successs, support, HR just to name a few. If you are a large comapny, finding and training a team of interns isn't a probelm. But when you are just starting out, every tasks such primary emails, follow up mails, writing contents, organizing your calender, setting up meetings can be a real hassle. That's why your early stage start-up needs an intern. It would give you an opportunity to focus on the big picture and who knows, they might become your early stage employee.

Remote team is a popular method nowadays, in an effort to expand runways for early stage start-ups. Buffer, Dealdash, and approximately 2700 companies on angellist currently filling a remote position.

We can help you get a remote intern for 300$-500$/Month
We can run the HR process on your behalf, set your intern in a full facility office space and organize training sessions for them if necessary.

Step 1: Fill up the form to start a conversation.

Step 2: Make sure you describe the job role very accurately to help us find you the perfect match.

Step 3: Pick an interview date with at least 8-10 open slot.

Step 4: Pick a candidate and wait 3-7 days for us to set her/him up in an office. Notify us if your candidate needs any additional training.

Step 5: Set up remote office environment(trello,slack,skype).

Step 6: Get to work.