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Step 1: Fill up the form to start a conversation.

Step 2: Mention your exact budget to help us find you the perfect developers or designer.

Step 3: Lock the features(**very important: We can help you by organizning a sitting with an
experienced UI/UX professional)

Step 4: Set up updating schedule.

Step 5: Set up stck.

Step 6: Have your MVP ready in 2-3 week if web/ 4-6 weeks if an app

Step 7: Have two revisions and launch.

Please Note:
 If your MVP takes 3 months to build then it's not an MVP. We can sit you up with a lean methodology professional if that's the case. Build just the things you need to go alpha with to have the proof of concept aka verification of MVP aka determine product market fit.

We want to see you succeed. So if the budget seems to be out of your reach, let us know. Sometimes we can help you find an early stage backer.

Don't give away your algorithm ideas to developers or anything you can make a patent of without discussing us first.